University of Roma Tor Vergata

He is the President of Association for Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development (ASLERD) and Researcher at University of Roma Tor Vergata.

Graduated in Physics, he worked long time in solid state physics as an expert of complex systems. Nowadays can be considered a "Designer for the experience".
At the Consorzio Roma Ricerche he is the chair of the Creative Industry Area having as mission the technological transfer and the territorial development and innovation. At the University of Tor Vergata he is the chair of the ISIM_garage (Interfaces and Multimodal Interactive Systems), a research lab devoted to design and development of integrated community-based environments for TEL, collaborative work and smart communities, tools and methods for education, analytics, and more.
At the Association for Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development is fostering: the development and benchmarking of Smart Learning Ecosystems as drivers of social innovation and regional development; the dissemination of the design literacy into the schools.

Specialties: expert in the technology-enhanced learning, design for the experience, interaction design, computer-mediated communication, design and management of processes, process-product-service innovation, analytics.

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