Juan de Pablos Pons

Juan de Pablos Pons

Universidad de Sevilla

Juan De Pablos-Pons  has a Ph.D. in Science Education and is University Professor since 1995 in the area of Teaching and School Organization at the University of Seville. Head of the Research Group Evaluation and Educational Technology linked to the Andalusian Research Program since 2000. President of the University Network for Educational Technology (RUTE) since 2012. Also, he is Evaluator R+D projects from different national and regional agencies. His preferred research lines developed over the past ten years have been: ICT applied to education; education policies and the integration of ICT; teacher training. He has led numerous projects R+D on these topics. 

In the field of management, he has been Dean of the Faculty of Education (2009-2017). He collaborates with the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) for Accreditation of College Teacher and the National Evaluation Agency (ANEP), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, responsible for evaluating projects research belonging to the National Programs R+D (ANEP). In addition, he is scientific editor of specialized books on ICT and Education.




Tel: 0522 522 521
Fax: 0522 522 512
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