Tatiana Coviello

Tatiana Coviello


As Human Resources Director and Board Member of Volksbank in Italy, Tatiana Coviello is helping to transform workplace practices and technology to meet the new standards of our time. Tatiana would like to establish and certify a new set of competences that would embrace and develop a digital mindset among the bank’s employees. This is one part of her bank’s biggest challenge; the other part is how to attract and recruit younger, tech-oriented Millennials and Generation Z to a traditional bank culture, where the average employee is 44-47 years old. Her goal is to restructure the business environment so it represents the new digital culture. Tatiana, who has degrees in both economics and psychology, has had strong international experiences in industry, commerce, and finance over the last 20 years. She is a skilled trainer, negotiator and communicator and brings a forward-thinking mentality to her role at Volksbank.




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